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Upcoming Indoor Events

Indoor Season has come to an end.

Teams Entered as of 3/13

UPPER (13 Teams)
T.C.O. (Chris Danner / Upper)
Goodfellas (Joe Reyes / Upper)
White Owls (Dan Morrin / Upper)
Toledo Tropics (Sam Edens / Upper)
Decepticons (Antonio Spears / Upper)
Blackout (Jason Barret / Upper)
Grad. Roofing / Elite (Chad Smith / Upper / Indoor I Winner)
Ruffnecks (PJ Combs / Upper)
Bad Boys (Allen Richardson / Upper)
Thirst Game (Lagarius Gardner / Upper)
Fighting Ducks (Brandon Thornton / Upper)
Regulators (Chris Morgan / Upper)
Assassins (Jaymee Lado / Upper)

MId-Upper (9 teams)
Darksiders (Nathan Schwab / Mid-Upper)
Toledo Bulldogs (Corey Rittenhouse / Mid-Upper)
Them1Guys (Luis Alvarez / Mid-Upper)
End Zone Chaserz (Zach Hainer / Mid-Upper)
N.W.O. (Brandon Kotlarczyk / Mid-Lower / Indoor I Winner)
Hazzard County (Keith Stopera / Mid-Upper)
ICONS (Lou Espino / Mid-Upper)
G.I.G. (Marty Calderon / Mid-Upper)
Bushwackers (Brandon Henninger / Mid-Upper)

MId-Lower (9 teams)
City Diner (Adam Geer / Mid-Lower)
Vicious and Delicious (Jorden Schultz / Mid-Lower)
Royal Knights (Tyler McGannon / Mid-Lower)
Team Lift (Will Rost / Mid-Lower)
Gladiators (Brandon Frazier / Mid-Lower)
Missing n Action (Brandon Sullivan)
Toledo Tornadoes (James Snyder / Mid-Lower)
Vipers (Dan Snyder / Mid-Lower)
Playing for TD's (Scott Boileau)

Lower (13 Teams)
The Dream Team (Brad Ziesmer / Lower)
Hit Squad (Brandon Stallkamp/Lower)
Bronze Boars (Kyle Kurivial / Lower)
H.C. High Rollers (Shawn Ford / Lower)
Goo Crew (Nate Vallejo / Lower)
Keep Pounding (Chad Hamrick / Lower)
Alzheimer’s Avengers (Kenny Urban / Lower)
G.C.M. (Daniel Bourne / Lower)
RV Bandits (Levi Peeler / Lower)
Keep Pounding (Chad Hamrick / Lower)
Legion of Boom (Allen Thompson / Lower)
Doom (Brian Crowl / Mid-Lower)
Scared Hitless (Zach Baroudi / Lower)

Upcoming Outdoor Events

*****2014 Toledo OUTDOOR 8 on 8 Spring League*****

*Season will run Sunday, MARCH 30, 2014 through Sunday, JUNE 1 (No games on Mother’s Day or Easter Sunday)

*Entry Fee is $350 + $132 refundable forfeit fee.

*Referee Fees are $33 per game paid on the field prior to the start of each game.

*Game Format is 8 on 8 (Maximum Roster Size = 25)

*(4) Divisions – Upper, Middle Upper, Middle Lower, Lower

*Games are played at East Broadway Middle School (1755 East Broadway Street, Toledo, Ohio, 43605)

If you want to Enter just email me Your Name, Team Name and Division you wish to participate in. [email protected]